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if you are interested in purchasing custom digital prints, vintage photography or other items on this site,
please send an email with a jpg of the picture(s) you are interest in.

We apologize that are not currently set up to process your orders on-line (click to buy),
though we will soon. In the meantime,
tell us what size you would like and any other specifications that may effect your order..
We will respond right away with pricing and help you place your order.

Our prints can be custom made in any size that you require and on any currently available media.
We also have standard sizes and media types to enable economical pricing..
Standard sizes are optimized to provide the best pricing.
Standard prints are produced in-house on our archival HP130NR ink-jet printer or we will produce your images
using the Lightjet silver halide based printer should you prefer this technology.
Vintage or original prints shown on the site are available as specified in their caption information.

Prints by Bennett Hall are available signed and numbered as indicated.

Payment are through our secure gateway via visa|mastercard, or check or cash

We ship worldwide via FedX or best method or,
you may pick up your order from San Francisco Wholesale Custom Framing shop.

Custom framing is available through our San Francisco shop, where
you can enjoy wholesale pricing and top quality custom services

Select from our studio collection of
one-of-a-kind pieces of artist proofs and studio samples.

California Sales Tax additional as applicable

Resellers Welcome
Let us know if you would like to provide your customers
with a selection of Presidential Photography in your store.
We have many items available for consignment to selected retailers as well.
Let us know your needs and we will create a program especially for your store.

Use of Content

Commercial Use of Content .
We welcome your requests for the use of our content for your projects.
That is why we created this site - so you can find and obtain Presidential and World Leader content.
Fees for use of our content vary with your use, the content requested and services required..
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Please note that it is NOT OK to use pictures found on this website for
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Use of content by Non-profit organizations
We are open to providing our content found to selected charitable and non-profit organizations.
However, you must have this use approved in advance./
Please submit your request indicating the use and the content you are interested in.
We will ask that you provide appropriate credit and links to our site.
Normally, we will provide content for charitable purposes without charge, but approval is required.
Let us know how we can help.

Personal Use of Content
It IS OK to use pictures from this site for personal purposes, such as a blog or personal webpage,
(as if we could not stop you anyway).
Therefore, we simply ask for the courtesy of your providing a credit to our site and/or the source page,
(not a big ask right??)
and link to our site in return for this privilege. Please do this for each picture you use.
We went to a lot of effort and expense to create this content, we ask that you respect this,
should you 'borrow" our content.

Also, we enjoy seeing interesting uses of our content,
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